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Colette Kemp
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Conflict is part of life. There will be disagreements whenever multiple people are brought into a relatively small space. But resolving that conflict promptly becomes essential so that it doesn’t potentially derail the office.

Although conflict is normal, there are a few ways that managers can deal with interpersonal conflict between team members. Here are some of the most effective ways of doing so.

Active Listening

The most crucial aspect of resolving conflict is to let both parties know that you are listening. That isn’t telling them, either. It means showing the other person that they are being heard by not interrupting them and showing a clear focus.

It is also a great way to get down to the root of the problem. Asking some questions can help clarify their concerns while also demonstrating that you are listening each step of the way. Active listening can also give the situation the time to calm down.

Show Empathy

Leaders and managers must have empathy toward their team members more than ever. Working for someone does not mean that they can’t care. So, showing empathy is one of the best ways to help diffuse a situation and bring it back to normal.

Recognize the concerns of each party and apply active listening to hear their frustrations. It is the surest way to show empathy and that you do care about coming to a positive outcome. It can also mean understanding their feelings, encouraging honesty, and avoiding potential future conflict.

Talk it Out

This is the most crucial part of resolving conflict. Both sides must have their say without yelling over one another. Taking turns talking can also help deescalate the situation since one of the parties will have to remain quiet, giving them a chance to take a deep breath and collect themselves.

It also means allowing each side to show the other why they are upset, creating a more profound sense of understanding. Managers and leaders can direct the conversation and limit the potential for snippy exchanges to be made.

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