Supporting Employee Career Advancement

Colette Kemp
2 min readApr 11, 2022

In a world of growing awareness and decreasing tolerance as far as workers’ rights are concerned, it’s arguably more important now than ever before to make sure your employees feel valued.

One way to do this is by providing them with opportunities to advance their careers, and this article will illuminate the ways in which you as an employer can do this.

Advancement Opportunities

If you give your employees the chance to work toward furthering their careers, not only will it help your company hold on to talented employees instead of losing them to competitors but it has the potential to improve your employees’ lives.

Below are some actions that you can take to assist your employees in advancing their careers.

Help Balance Things Out

Help your employees reach a better work-life balance so they can avoid burnout and work toward achieving their career goals that take place outside of work.

You can offer flexibility in regard to your employees’ schedules or workplace location.

Succession Plan

You should make a plan for every position in your company that shows how each one can naturally lead to advancement toward a higher-paid position.

This can greatly help employees make their own plans for how they will advance their careers and obtain a certain position they might have their sights on.

Offer Training and Mentorship

Showing your employees the path to take to get to a higher position is certainly helpful for them, but showing them exactly what they need to learn to reach a career goal and offering lessons and mentorship is a huge step that your company can take in assisting employees in advancing their careers.

Switch up Duties

If it’s possible to do so, think about rotating your employees around to do various positions. You can keep the position you switch them to relevant to their main position.

Doing this helps keep your employees’ jobs less monotonous, and it also helps them see how positions are connected to each other.

Annual Reviews

It’s smart to stay updated on how your employees feel about their jobs and what their goals are so you can illuminate some ways that they can reach their goals.

Highlight Value

Make sure that you consistently show each of your employees how they are adding value to the company, and show your appreciation for their efforts.



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