The Benefits of Consumer Research

Colette Kemp
2 min readMay 19, 2022


The most personalized form of data you can get on your customers is consumer research, which involves things such as group and one-on-one interviews as well as surveys to get a better idea of your customers’ thoughts and opinions about a product.

After reading this article, you will know why investing some of your time and money toward consumer research is a great idea if you want your business to grow.

Why Is Consumer Research Important?

Whether or not you carry out consumer research can make or break the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors. Take a look below at the main reasons why consumer research is necessary for your business.

New Consumer Information

By using consumer research, you will get a much better idea of who your primary customers are. This, in turn, could lead to you having the ability to target a customer demographic that you had not previously noticed.

Stay Updated

If you consistently carry out consumer research, you will be able to stay current on trends as they appear, since your customers will be pointing out what they do and do not like about your product.

This can also help you stay ahead of the competition, or fall behind them if you are the only company not doing market research.

Consumers First

Doing consumer research allows you to get a better grasp of the concept of the customer being right and coming first.

After all, you want to deliver a product that your customers will want to buy, and doing market research will ensure you know what that is.

Narrow Your Focus

By doing consumer research, you can narrow down the (sometimes) many employee opinions that are already circulating around your company, and instead focus on the consumers’ opinions.

When it comes to your product, these are really the only opinions that matter, anyway.

Lower Risk

When you carry out consumer research regularly, you reduce the risk of releasing a product that will not sell, since you will be asking them what they think about it beforehand.



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